charlotte nc 2When I got the call that I got my then dream job in Charlotte, I felt such elation and satisfaction that all that work landed me at the job I wanted in the city I knew I would love.  Fast forward 13 years and my life has changed in so many ways but one thing has not.  I love getting the job!  One of the big roles I play in Arya is to interface with the client and help connect what they need and what we can do for them.  My heart pitter patters when we design a site (we like to call it a tool) that changes a client’s business and quality of life.   I love being able to confidently tell a client that we can help so that we get the job.  I am typically pretty focused.  I started writing this blog because I am having a severe case of ADD.  SEVERE.

And in the middle of my lack of focus is this amazing kid.  Who is also very focused.  I have to brag on my little bud this week because he has been pretty motivated to get his first job.  And he did it!  I brought up when I first moved to Charlotte because I bought a house about 6 months into moving here.  Again focused.  I had to do a lot of work on it and it has continued to be the best investment I made in myself.  But what I really fell for the was the neighborhood I chose.  Jasons-DeliAnd a long running joke with the Murrayhill High Girls ( I had to have 3 roommates to afford the house:) was the framed Jason’s Deli menu that I hung in the kitchen.  Baller on a budget…you make it look good with what you have available!  Haha!  So when Sam got the call back to interview at Jason’s Deli I was ecstatic.  What a wonderful place to get your first job.  We have been practicing interviewing for weeks.  He had gotten a few under his belt, but if you know Sam at all you know that he has a very calming spirit.  True life moment…I got him a Starbuck and a monster and I told him…you have got to go in there and just let your energy come out.  You have got to show them that you are going to work hard…that you are going to consistently be there….and that you want this.  AND HE DID IT!  Sam’s is the newest employee of Jason’s Deli.  They are the lucky ones because what I said to him was all you have to do is show them who you are.  The goodness is there.  The hard worker is there.  The most resilient person I have ever met is there.  You simply have to show them like you show me everyday.  AND HE DID IT!