2020 will go down in history as one of the weirdest and hardest year in the history of humanity.  For me and my memories – my story – it will not be the same.  I have prospered.  It will go down as the year that I constantly pinched myself to make sure it was all real.  

I will not be able to ever look back at this year and think about anything other than the fact that I created the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.  I will celebrate what my body was able to do and what is continues to do.  I will look back with pride and know that I worked hard  – prayed hard – and believed that she was meant to be and in 2020 – she came. 

I will look back and remember how proud I am of Shawn and I.  We not only weathered the storm but we rallied.  We found each other in a lonely place – alone in our home – with no where to go.  For eight long weeks we didn’t leave the house or each other for more than an hour.  And I was the only one that left and I only went to the doctor to make sure the bean was okay.  

Looking back on it now it was such an odd twist in our life.  We didn’t see it coming.  We didn’t know what to do.  While everyday was the “same” it was really quite different.  We didn’t know if Shawn would be able to come to the hospital on one day and a week later the mandates would change.  We didn’t know any different – we had never done this before – had a baby or dealt with a pandemic.  Our work lives changed.  Our personal lives changed.  

We were forced to slow down when all I had planned was to get all of it “done” before she came.  Well none of it got done and we made it work.  We doubled down on making our space one that we liked to spend time in.  I will always be so thankful that we were in the house we are in with 90% of our projects completed.  This amazing space that offered us a sanctuary and safe space to learn how to live in this new world.  All in all we weathered the storm and came out with a new appreciation for all aspects of our lives.  Our home, our relationship, our relationship with others and the ability to bring a child into the crazy new world that existed around us.