single foster mom flexible Who here can stand up with your legs straight, bend at your waist and put or you hands flat on the ground or even touch your toes?!
I try, and my back tightens, my chest constricts and I am pushing really hard to touch those little piggies.  Now only being 5’3.5″ tall (I will not discount that extra .5″) you would think this would not be a problem.  The real deal is that…it is not my age or ability…it is the 18+ years of distance running.  My hamstrings are so stiff that they simply will not let the rest of my body stretch this way.  Proof-couldn’t even touch them in college.  Now I am sure if I did enough yoga (where is the time) and stretched every morning like I should be doing this wouldn’t be an issue for me.  But reality is that I CAN NOT touch my toes.

Flexibility is pretty important in my everyday life.  Mainly because my work activities look different each day.  It is part of the reason that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do..  I get to build beautiful sites and create awesome brands each week.  I get so caught up that it  doesn’t even feel like work sometimes.   The common denominator in each day and in each success is flexibility.  A design I poured my heart into, a page I analyzed and reconfigured three times, all may change with just one word.  Flexibility is key.

Single Foster mom carly GardnerSam’s home coming has put a mirror back up. Forced me to re-evaluate how flexible I am.  While he was gone I fell into a new rhythm.  Probably one of the calmest and fulfilling years of my life.  If you knew me before Sam,  I didn’t waiver much from my plan.  I had a hard time if things didn’t go the way I planned them.  I am sure my friends and family loved that!  I was rigid and stubborn.  And while that may never clear my system (and deep down I do not fully see it as a fault, stubborn as usual:) I have come to the humbling realization that I have never had any of the control.  A calmness comes with being flexible, because no matter which way your life takes you, you will be able to bob and weave…to adjust to the new way.   If the new way wasn’t your plan…then it was God’s plan.  And the path that you are on is the right path.  Trusting in him….

A stubborn, intelligent, and wonderful [wrench] name Sam interrupted my plans a few years back.  I didn’t see it coming, nor did I, or do I fully understand God’s mission putting us together.  But he has become such a integral part of my life that I am glad that I was flexible enough to let God work.  Now…back to stretching!  Haha!