Now that I have you singing…I wanted to recap one of the best weekends of my year.  This is my 5th time completing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Charlotte. While I haven’t walked 500 miles….I have walked a lot.  If you are into tracking your exercise like I am you will find this interesting.  If not skip ahead…


We have talked pretty openly about my Mom’s battle with Breast Cancer.  But this year was quite special because it marked her 5th year cancer free.  The best part is that she no longer has to take the awful meds with even worse side effects.  From my perspective it feels like a cloud has been lifted.  That she can 100% be herself and feel like herself again.  This I am so thankful for because she is pretty amazing.

But we are the lucky ones.  When you are out there walking it is so challenging and hard and then you remember how hard cancer is.  One of my favorite signs is “Blisters do not need chemo.”  It is the perfect reminder that while we are challenging ourselves to walk 39.3 miles in two day…someone has it harder.  I am not 100% sure what keeps bringing me back to this walk and this cause but I do know that I do not question it.  I will not stop fundraising and walking until there is an answer! I feel strongly that we are on the right path to find a cure…and find one…find all!

I would be remiss not to mention that I have had the best support for this.  It comes in all forms!

A huge THANKS to my team for keeping it fun and exciting on the walk and all the fundraising efforts that came together.  I was simply amazed by one of our teammates Melissa for walking 19 miles the first day and 11 the 2nd all while 8 months pregnant.  I would be hard press to say that I have ever seen anyone more dedicated.

A huge THANKS to my family that helped also fund raise but also take care of the mouths I have to feed!  Seriously with out them…I would not be able to do this.

A huge THANKS to everyone that donated.  EVERY DOLLAR…yes 100% of all the money we raised goes to research and grants to find a cure.  You are making a difference no matter if you only gave $1!  Special thanks to everyone that helped and donated for the Beer Olympics again this year.  I am humbled by the support I get that day and it means SO much to me!

A huge THANKS to the Avon Company for funding the walk and allowing us to donate 100% of every dollar.

Now for some facts you need to know….

One last fundraising push!  You can donate until the end of the year to count towards our goals!  Here is the link.