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A quick note…

This blog was started to document my journey through IVF and while I am passionate about continuing that mission I also wanted to write about my journey as a pregnant women who got pregnant through IVF.  I hope that we soon live in a world where IVF doesn’t exist without pregnancy. 


I promised myself if I had I got pregnant that I would be diligent about practicing yoga. I knew the benefits of yoga while pregnant were numerous and being someone who has always been active I knew I need to find something that would feel like working out but also give my body and mind what it needed to be stable. Honestly I really lucked up because I ended up going to to Yoga One in Charlotte which is a haul from my house. I would have to leave 45 mins early to get there on time. But I committed and from week 9 onwards I did at least one yoga class each week. The reason I feel lucky is because of the teacher that I happen to sync up with. Julie is not only a yoga teacher but also a seasoned midwife and mom of 4. She has taught me more than anyone else about how my body is working during pregnancy and how the baby forms in the body as well as exits the body. Who knew that going to yoga would be the best education I would get?! The other crucial part of this practice is the community at the beginning of class and learning what my fellow mamas were going through. Being able to share my feelings and symptoms was also super therapeutic. Sharing with a group that just gets it or will get it a few weeks after you was wonderful! I learned that I could take Papaya Emzymes for heartburn vs eating a million tums. I learned that I was going to have round ligament pain as my uterus grew and that this was completely normal and not a reason to panic. I learned that I shouldn’t try and use my ab muscles to sit up but use my arms to push myself up. I learned that it was better not to twist below the bra. I learned that laying on your left side and stretching your calf muscles allows the uterus to realign. I learned inversion moves help the baby readjust in the uterus. And I learned that an exercise ball would be the best thing that ever happened to me at the end of the pregnancy (and that is no lie). I can not say enough good things about prenatal yoga and all the benefits! I started thinking I would get my body right and really ended up getting my mind right! I highly recommend Julie as well as the Yoga One prenatal and postnatal team! I will be continuing down this yoga journey as soon as baby girl and I can get back out there!